Get Impound Services in the Holland & Hudsonville, MI Area

Get Impound Services in the Holland & Hudsonville, MI Area

Remove an Illegally Parked Car at No Cost

Has a car blocked your driveway? Is someone parked without a permit at your living complex or place of business? Rely on West Michigan Towing to provide convenient impound services in the Holland & Hudsonville, MI area. We'll remove the vehicle and take it to the police impound so you won't have to deal with a car getting in your way anymore. Reach out to us today to get help from a local towing company.

Learn more about our impound services

We strive to make moving a disruptive vehicle as easy as possible. If you're thinking of requesting impound services, you should know that:

  • The property owner needs to call us
  • We'll call the police so they can confirm that a law has been broken
  • We'll check to see if the car was stolen and notify the necessary parties
  • We can post signs to prevent parking issues from happening again
  • The property owner doesn't have to pay for impounding

Don't wait to tell us about the out-of-place vehicle on your property. Call our local towing company at 616-394-9641 now.