Dealing With Car Troubles?

Dealing With Car Troubles?

Ask for roadside assistance in the Holland, Zeeland and Jenison, MI area

If your car broke down in the Holland, Hudsonville, Zeeland, Saugatuck or Jenison, MI area, West Michigan Towing can come to the rescue. We're the reliable choice for a roadside assistance company. You can trust us to operate in an efficient and considerate manner.

Turn to us if you need to:

  • Fix a flat tire
  • Jump your dead battery
  • Get into your locked car
  • Refill your empty gas tank
  • Winch out your stuck vehicle

Thanks to our 24/7 emergency services, you'll never find yourself stuck on the side of the road without anyone to call. Be sure to turn to us when you need roadside assistance.

Did you run out of gas?

When you're driving around town running errands, it's easy to forget to get gas or not notice your low gas gauge at all. Thankfully, West Michigan Towing can provide the fuel delivery services you need to get back on the road. We'll bring a container of gas straight to you so you won't have to hike to the nearest gas station. Contact us now at 616-394-9641 to request fuel delivery services in the Holland, Zeeland and Jenison, MI area.